Blechtechnic Brochure Design Blechtechnic Brochure Design Blechtechnic Brochure Design

Brochure is the only marketing tool, which can communicate consumers by means of both the pictorial representation and manuscript. Neither the logo nor the corporate identity is the best as a brochure in the conveying message, as they are designed only with the focus on pictorial representation. Blech Technic, steel fabrication industry, Puducherry, Chennai, looking for the superior brochure design to attract their consumers. They reached us with reference from one of our clients. After completing the interaction session with the client, we have started designing the brochure. We used the colour combination of blue and white to make brochure attain the professional appearance. The image of steel door was imprinted on the cover page to show up the nature of business. Each and every product was described precisely with corresponding images. The client was happy with the final design.