In our 15 years of experience we have done numerous logo designs to represent different services and products of many organizations. We have a team with professionally skilled people in fine art to work on various logo designs. The one given below is the logo designed for the company “Infant Art and Creations”. It deals with the window display ideas for fashion retail stores. Before get to start working on this project we had an interaction with the client to list out their needs and to know about their primary product and services. Our client suggested us to design the logo in the text format. But, our designing team felt it won’t be more impressive. So, during our presentation session we provided sample sketches of logo designs to the client that include different styles other than text format. Our client was very impressed with the one that we did using crosswords. We have chosen this style as it is appropriate to meet our client needs. The latest and effective graphical tools were used to make the sketch as realistic picture in the computer. The reflective effects were used in the logo to emphasize the primary product of the organization. The satisfaction and appreciation from our clients is the credit to our team effort.