Axis Constructions Logo Design Axix Constructions Logo Design Axix Constructions Logo Design

Axis constructions are pioneer in the field of building homes. The client has approached our team to design logo for their company. We had a questionnaire session with the client to sort out their requirements. Based on client’s needs we designed four sample logos. Out of four sample logos provided the client has finalized the design that shown below. To design a unique logo, we had a wider research on various logo designs to implement new ideas. As a result, we decide to design the logo using the first letter “A”. To show the business deals with the construction letter “A” is designed like a hut with window. The design also represent that the “Axis” is the best in building the homes with unique designs. Additional Information: Letter A is emphasized and shown like a hut type with window to communicate that the axis is in unique type of building constructions