Shrisha has started its notable journey with skilled management group in the real estate industry in 2009. The client consulted our creative team to design the logo for their company. We used the design brief provided by the client as our usher to create the sample logos. We presented four sample logos to the client to endorse one as final. The client was inspired with the design shown below. The name of the company “Shrisha” refers to the lord Vishnu. So, we decided to use the “Chakra” used by the Lord Vishnu, which is highly known for its power. The chakra used in the logo means “Srisha” has power to fulfill its customer requirements. The globe was incorporated at the centre of the chakra to represent Srisha’s global services. Additional Information: shrisha is the name of god Vishnu that is the reason we use the chakra One of the element belongs to lord Vishnu and the globe in the centre of the logo