It is normal that Organizations often look at ways to market their products and services. This however varies, determined and correspond by the type of Advertisement used and Budget.

Outdoor advertisements are categorizes as : Billboard ads, vehicle ads, road campaign and bus shelter ads or could be part of the landscape elements. Generally, these advertisements are used in places where high tenancy people could view it from a distance, unlike other commercial ads. Obviously, outdoor advertisements are an added advantage that can express the message through the scene of the public.

Dynamic and desirable to carry a campaign for marketing approached held in an Urban city. Where time mean monies, a glimpse shot of advertisement attribute to mental desires.

Conceptual design of an Outdoor Advertisement

Outdoor advertisement design is to depict Stories and Scenes on a large vertical plane, incorporated with colours, graphic images and in addition “lightings”. Projected with lives to depict a scene of one or more products. From looking at the displayed banner, the audience could within seconds, received and captured the messages that transmitted to them. Likewise as to media like newspaper, TV, websites, etc. Hence, we use the same transmission concept theme for outdoor advertisement, thus to encourage peoples into viewing the exhibited display at any time. And for night scene, will be highlighted by outdoor spotlights or LED strip lighting. By doing so, our designing team will continually place emphasis to strive the objective that generate Visual Impact to convey and promote messages to draw to viewers/audiences.

Construction and delivery

Design printing will be done by our specialist in the manufacturing plant. Construction phase and installation will be held at the site, the location of the advertisement.