Psm Estate Land Layout Brochure Design Psm Estate Land Layout Brochure Design

Psm Estate Land Layout Brochure Design

Handled: Brochure Design, Real Estate

Client Name: Psm

Industry: Property Layout Promoter

City: Chennai

Country: India

designing for four pages brochure for PSM Estate is a renowned residential land layout promoter in Chennai and Madurai, with over 25 years of experience in the field. With a track record of successfully selling more than 9 lakh sqft of approved residential land and completing over 15 projects, PSM Estate has earned the trust of more than 600 satisfied customers who have seen their investment appreciate by 30% to 40%.

Recently, PSM Estate approached us to design a new 4-page brochure for their latest land layout project. As a leading design agency, we were excited to take on the project and create a brochure that would showcase PSM Estate's commitment to quality and excellence.

We started by brainstorming different design concepts and layouts that would capture the essence of PSM Estate's latest project. After several iterations, we settled on a design that would feature fully grassed inner pages, with a dream house made of grass on the front page. The greenery on the pages was intended to symbolize the natural beauty of the land and the eco-friendly nature of the development.

The brochure was designed to be visually appealing and easy to read, with clear headings and concise descriptions of the project's features and benefits. We also included high-quality images of the land, as well as a map showing the location and layout of the project.

One of the key messages that we wanted to convey in the brochure was the value of investing in PSM Estate's land. We highlighted the fact that their previous projects had seen significant appreciation in value, and we emphasized the potential for future growth in the area.

Overall, we were thrilled with the final result of the brochure, and we believe that it will help PSM Estate to attract new customers and showcase their latest project to the world. We are confident that this brochure will be an effective tool for PSM Estate in their marketing efforts and we look forward to working with them on future projects.