Unic Associate Profile Brochure Design Unic Associate Profile Brochure Design Unic Associate Profile Brochure Design

Unic Associate Profile Brochure Design

Handled: Brochure Design, Real Estate

Client Name: Unic Associates

Industry: Developers & Builders

City: Chennai

Country: India

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UNIC ASSOCIATES: Showcasing Excellence through a Dynamic company Profile Brochure designed and printed by get noticed

Introduction: UNIC ASSOCIATES, a prominent civil engineering company specializing in infrastructure projects, has been a key player in the industry for over three decades. With a diverse range of services offered to various sectors, they continuously expand their activities in response to client demands. Our Get Noticed team had the privilege of designing and printing their updated company profile brochure, which highlights their achievements and expertise in the real estate domain.

Company Overview: UNIC ASSOCIATES has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality projects across different sectors. Their services encompass public infrastructure projects, institutional buildings, industrial and housing sectors, residential projects, office complexes, factory plants, and warehouse buildings. By continually broadening their range of activities, UNIC ASSOCIATES ensures continuous improvement and planned growth, allowing them to provide exceptional services to their clients.

Profile Brochure Design: Following the success of our Joint Venture proposal brochure for UNIC ASSOCIATES, the client entrusted us with designing their updated company profile brochure. The A4 size 12-page brochure commenced with a front page featuring a clear and clean image of one of their corporate buildings, elegantly complemented by the company logo. This visually striking combination immediately establishes a sense of professionalism and reliability.

Comprehensive Project Showcase: The inner pages of the brochure were thoughtfully crafted to showcase UNIC ASSOCIATES' extensive portfolio of completed and ongoing projects. The brochure is divided into sections highlighting ongoing projects, public projects, completed projects, and residential projects. Each section presents a comprehensive list, providing details such as the build area size and the price value. This comprehensive project showcase enables potential clients to gain a thorough understanding of UNIC ASSOCIATES' expertise and the scale of their accomplishments.

Unparalleled Service Offering: The brochure effectively conveys UNIC ASSOCIATES' commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. It highlights the company's construction expertise, project approach, and value engineering abilities that provide significant cost savings for their clients. The brochure emphasizes UNIC ASSOCIATES' partnership approach, tailoring services to meet specific client requirements and guiding them through each step of the construction process. The fact that over a third of their construction service activity comes from repeat business underscores their strong client relationships and the satisfaction they deliver.

Exceptional Design and Timely Delivery: The real estate profile brochure for UNIC ASSOCIATES was handled as part of a crucial government project proposal. Despite being approached on short notice, our Get Noticed team rose to the challenge and committed to delivering the entire brochure design and print version in just one day. This showcases our dedication to meeting our clients' needs and delivering exceptional results under tight deadlines.

Conclusion: The UNIC ASSOCIATES real estate profile brochure, expertly designed and printed by our Get Noticed team, presents a comprehensive overview of the company's achievements, capabilities, and service offerings. With its clear and clean design, the brochure effectively conveys professionalism and reliability. The showcase of ongoing projects, public projects, completed projects, and residential projects illustrates UNIC ASSOCIATES' expertise across various sectors. The brochure exemplifies the company's commitment to excellence, partnership approach, and client satisfaction. Our Get Noticed team's ability to deliver high-quality designs under tight timelines further reinforces our commitment to client success.