What is a Corporate Idenity?

When you hear ‘corporate identity, you probably think of a Business card, Letterhead & Envelope with incorporated your logo and that’s definitely part of it. Your corporate design is all those things you’d typically associate with a company’s visual identity, including logos and taglines, colors and fonts, stationery, flyers, web design, social media, and all that jazz. It’s also your office décor, employee uniforms, and any graphics that cover your company cars and trucks.

However, corporate identity is more than just design; it’s who you are as a company. So it includes those corporate design elements on the one hand but also your culture, your values, and your internal and external communications.

Designing a Corporate Identity

The interception of design criteria will be extended among the design team members deriving samples that background from the logo concept and colors before presenting to our client's committee. Upon acceptance, we will further elaborate on a business card, letterhead, and as well onto the envelope cover. Or another branding onto the coffee mug, T-shirt, caps, and others as required.

The completion of the branding book shall comprise the logo specification, color code including the usage onto the whereabout for implementation. Notwithstanding, the Corporate Identity thus play a major role to uphold the Corporate Image, as such, we advise that the designed format and colors should at all times consistent.


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