Apollo Tyres monthly newsletter design Apollo Tyres monthly newsletter design

Apollo Tyres monthly newsletter design

Handled: Brochure Design, Industrial

Client Name: Apollo Tyres

Industry: Tyre Manufacturers

City: Chennai

Country: India

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Apollo Tyres Ltd: Promoting Safety Through Quarterly Corporate Newsletter Booklet design and printed by get noticed team

Introduction: Continuing our successful collaboration, Apollo Tyres Ltd and the Get Noticed team have embarked on another journey to design and print the quarterly corporate newsletter booklet. This edition focuses on the crucial theme of safety measures within the plant. Alongside highlighting various events and sports activities, the newsletter aims to create awareness and promote a culture of safety among employees.

Designing the Newsletter: To prioritize safety, the cover page of the newsletter prominently displays safety instructions and emphasizes their importance for all employees. The interior pages are designed to showcase the events and activities that took place within the plant during the quarter. Each section is visually presented in a relevant style to engage readers and ensure they remain informed about the various happenings.

Printing and Finishing: Maintaining our commitment to high-quality printing, the 16-page newsletter booklet is produced using offset digital printing techniques. This method ensures clear and vibrant visuals throughout. The cover is finished with a matte lamination, lending a soft and professional appearance to the booklet. To ensure durability and ease of use, center pinning is employed during the assembly process. Once completed, the newsletters are delivered promptly to the plant for distribution.

Continued Collaboration: The regular collaboration between Apollo Tyres Ltd and Get Noticed for the quarterly corporate newsletter booklet has proven to be a successful partnership. By consistently delivering engaging and informative designs, we have helped foster effective internal communication and a sense of unity among employees. Each edition focuses on a specific theme and showcases the plant's achievements, events, and important safety measures.

Conclusion: Apollo Tyres Ltd and Get Noticed continue to work together to create visually appealing and informative quarterly corporate newsletter booklets. This edition, centered around safety measures, reinforces the company's commitment to the well-being of its employees. By showcasing events and activities, the newsletter booklet fosters a culture of safety and encourages employee engagement. The use of high-quality printing and finishing techniques ensures a professional look and feel, further enhancing the impact of the newsletters. We look forward to further collaboration with Apollo Tyres Ltd, providing creative design and print solutions that effectively communicate important messages and unite employees in their shared commitment to safety and success.