Apollo Tyres Employee Engagement Calendar Design Apollo Tyres Employee Engagement Calendar Design

Apollo Tyres Employee Engagement Calendar Design

Handled: Brochure Design, Industrial

Client Name: Apollo Tyres

Industry: Tyre Manufacturers

City: Chennai

Country: India

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Fostering Engagement and Connection: Apollo Tyres Ltd's Employee Engagement Calendar designing and printing by get noticed

Introduction: Embarking on our regular journey with Apollo Tyres Ltd, the Get Noticed team takes pride in designing and printing the Employee Engagement Calendar for the year 2013-2014. As organizations recognize the importance of maintaining high levels of employee engagement, various strategies are implemented to keep employees motivated and connected. This calendar serves as a comprehensive guide, outlining the upcoming engagement programs designed to foster a sense of belonging and enthusiasm among the workforce. The calendar is distributed in advance to ensure maximum participation and involvement from all employees.

Designing the Calendar: The Employee Engagement Calendar provides a detailed overview of the planned activities and events, department-wise, for the entire year. By highlighting various engagement initiatives, the calendar emphasizes the company's commitment to keeping employees actively involved in their respective teams and departments. The cover page of the calendar features a visually striking design, incorporating the image of a human face surrounded by gears. This imagery symbolizes the busy nature of work and conveys the message that the Employee Engagement Calendar offers an opportunity for employees to engage with their team members and enhance their working experience.

Printing and Finishing: To ensure the highest quality, the 24-page calendar is printed using top-of-the-line offset digital printing techniques. This guarantees vibrant colors and sharp images, capturing the attention of employees and encouraging them to explore the contents within. The rapper is treated with a matte lamination finish, lending the calendar a soft and polished look. The center pinning technique is employed during the assembly process, ensuring that the pages stay securely in place. Once printed and finished, the calendars are distributed to all employees, allowing them to plan and participate in the scheduled engagement programs.

Driving Employee Connection: By providing a comprehensive overview of the engagement initiatives for the year, the Employee Engagement Calendar strengthens the sense of connection and community within Apollo Tyres Ltd. It serves as a reminder of the company's commitment to fostering a positive work environment and nurturing employee satisfaction. The calendar not only outlines the engagement programs but also serves as a visual representation of the company's values and culture, inspiring employees to actively participate and contribute to the organization's success.

Conclusion: Apollo Tyres Ltd's partnership with the Get Noticed team continues to thrive as we embark on the design and print of the Employee Engagement Calendar. This calendar plays a vital role in maintaining high levels of employee engagement by providing a roadmap of activities and events throughout the year. The visually appealing design and high-quality printing techniques capture the attention of employees, while the comprehensive content ensures they stay informed and actively involved. We are honored to be part of this journey, supporting Apollo Tyres Ltd in its efforts to foster employee engagement and create a thriving work environment.