Unic Associates profile Brochure Design

Unic Associates profile Brochure Design

Handled: Brochure Design, Real Estate

Client Name: Unic Associates

Industry: Developers & Builders

City: Chennai

Country: India

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UNIC ASSOCIATES: Showcasing Joint Venture Potential through a Dynamic Brochure designed and printed by get noticed

Introduction: UNIC ASSOCIATES, a distinguished civil engineering company specializing in infrastructure projects, has been at the forefront of the industry for over three decades. With an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence, they provide a wide range of services to various sectors. Our Get Noticed team had the privilege of designing and printing their prestigious Joint Venture proposal brochure, which aimed to showcase their expertise and create trust among potential partners.

Company Overview: UNIC ASSOCIATES has consistently expanded its scope of activities in response to client demand, enabling continuous improvement and planned growth in their chosen sectors. Their services encompass a diverse range of projects, including public infrastructure, institutional buildings, industrial and housing sectors, residential projects, office complexes, factory plants, and warehouse buildings. With their extensive experience and expertise, UNIC ASSOCIATES is well-equipped to handle complex and large-scale ventures.

Joint Venture Proposal Brochure Design: As their trusted design partner, our Get Noticed team was entrusted with creating a brochure that not only provided background information about UNIC ASSOCIATES but also presented their Joint Venture proposal in a compelling manner. The A4 size four-page brochure commenced with a captivating front page design, featuring the creative image of two hands shaking against a backdrop of high-rise buildings. The caption, "Proposal for Joint Developments," immediately conveyed the brochure's purpose and created a sense of partnership and trust.

Strategic Layout: The inner pages of the brochure were meticulously designed to highlight the key achievements of UNIC ASSOCIATES in the realm of government and public sector projects. By utilizing a simple layout with bullet points, we effectively showcased their completed projects, emphasizing their track record and expertise in delivering successful ventures. This approach added value to the brochure by instilling confidence in potential joint venture partners.

Project Specifications and Commitments: The brochure also detailed the project specifications that would be utilized in the proposed joint venture. It started with an emphasis on the unique elevation design conceptualized by their creative architects. The brochure then delved into crucial aspects such as engineering structures, flooring options, doors and windows, electrical provisions, painting finishes, lofts and cupboards, kitchen amenities, toilets, and common amenities. By highlighting these specifications, UNIC ASSOCIATES demonstrated their commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality and functionality in their projects.

Design and Printing Excellence: Our Get Noticed team took great care to create a visually striking brochure that effectively conveyed UNIC ASSOCIATES' values and capabilities. The brochure was printed using multicolour offset digital print technology, ensuring vibrant and accurate reproduction of colors and images. The addition of a matte lamination finish enhanced the brochure's durability and imparted a sophisticated look. Our commitment to timely delivery ensured that the finished brochures were promptly delivered to UNIC ASSOCIATES.

Conclusion: The UNIC ASSOCIATES Joint Venture proposal brochure, expertly designed and printed by our Get Noticed team, successfully captures the essence of the company's capabilities and conveys trust to potential partners. Through the creative front page, strategic layout, and comprehensive project specifications, the brochure showcases UNIC ASSOCIATES' achievements and commitment to excellence. With this professionally crafted brochure, UNIC ASSOCIATES is well-positioned to forge successful joint ventures and continue their trajectory of growth and success in the civil engineering and infrastructure sector.